Watcher Beware! Every character in this movie is a broad negative ethnic stereotype. One man is referred to as “simple” and “the Rain Man type” and summarily assumed to be a murderer. There is a fair amount of misogynistic gaslighting, portrayed in a relatively harmful light.

A black brother and sister, two white men, and an Asian lady walk into a horror movie, and you’ve already got mostly correct assumptions about the order of the hit list.

The Ouija Experiment is a horror movie for people who have never seen a horror movie, or perhaps those who hate them… it’s a little hard to tell. At its core, it’s a numb, racist rehash of a (particularly popular) Mexican folk tale wrapped in a semibelievable dating drama and a ton of hamfisted namedropping. “Didn’t they make a movie, The Entity, about that?” Ugh.

It’s one of those, all right. Also: distractingly incorrect planchette.

New York YouTuber Brandon takes his friend Shay to Dallas so he can record her playing Ouija with her boyfriend Calvin. Almost-couple Michael and Calvin’s sister La’Nette round out the group. It becomes immediately apparent that Calvin is fooling around on Shay, who uses the board to find out who he’s texting when he leaves the room. The mood shifts. The couple storms off and the others bail, leaving the board sitting in the open without having officially said goodbye.

The obvious follows, with increasingly poor acting and increasingly good special effects. The ending would be passable if it wasn’t preceded by a good ten minutes of (extra-) cringe content.

Given that you’re willingly reading a horror blog, I assume that you’re genre-literate enough to not miss much in skipping this one. The final fire effects are admittedly pretty neato, and the main five actors pour more talent into their vapid characters than they deserve. If you’re gonna watch it, I recommend you skip or snooze through the third quarter.