Mr. Flax and I live on the bottom floor of our complex, and are compelled to walk by the dumpsters any time we enter or leave the building. People tend to drop their moving-out stuff a little ways from the dumpsters: they separate the trash and the not-quite-trash. One day someone tossed what appeared to be an oil painting class portfolio, and I adopted most of the lot.

Unfortunately, the paintings are oddly sized, and we’ve only just gotten around to framing them. The first: this gorgeous eye on strangely-shaped upcycled cardboard.


The eye, in particular, has always made Mr. Flax uneasy. Once we hung it up, though, he put his foot down about allowing it in the apartment… we have enough mirrors that it’s difficult to avoid this effect.


So now idk what to do with it, except tell people about it in the hopes that it’ll scare them too. ❤

Happy hauntings!